Terms and Conditions Byron Community College

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Byron College is a local, community based organisation supported by the NSW Department of Education and Training and is a member of Community Colleges Australia. We are a not-for-profit Registered Training Organisation that aims to provide high quality innovative learning for adults.

Payment of Course Fees
General Course Refund Policy
Nationally Recognised Training Refund Policy
Cancellation Or Changes To Courses
Complaints And Appeals
Student Rights
Student Responsibilities

Payment Of Course Fees

Course fees are to be paid on enrolment.
All our prices are in Australian dollars ($AUD) and may include GST where relevant.

General Course Refund policy

We cannot accept responsibility for changes in your personal circumstances. Please choose your course carefully as REFUNDS WILL NOT BE GIVEN unless cancellation is received three full working days prior to course commencement and will incur a $15 administration charge. This includes course transfers.

Nationally Recognised Training Course Refund Policy

Students are entitled to a full course refund without deduction if the College cancels a course for any reason prior to its commencement. Students are entitled to a statutory cooling-off period of 2 business days from the date of enrolment. Any monies paid during this time will be fully refunded if a student decides to withdraw their enrolment. Refunds otherwise are not granted automatically. You are expected to be aware of your work and personal commitments before you enrol. A full refund (less a $100 administration fee) will be given if you withdraw minimum five (5) working days before the date of commencement of the course. Total or partial refunds after a course has commenced will only be granted for extenuating circumstances (please refer to the Student Handbook for a complete list of these). An application for a refund is to be addressed in writing to the College Director and will be assessed on a case by case basis.


Concessions can only be given to students with a valid card: Health Care card /Student card/Seniors Card.


  • NO animals in or around classes. ALL mobile phones should be turned off during class time
  • Any possible exception to the above should be discussed with the office beforehand
  • Please do not bring your children with you when attending a class. Byron College is an Adult Education organisation and is not insured for children 15 years or under

Cancellation Or Changes To Courses

Byron College reserves the right to cancel a course if insufficient enrolments are received. If a course has to be cancelled or changed in any way, we will telephone you. Otherwise please attend the first class.

If you are not contactable it is advisable to contact the office on 02 6684 3374 between 9.00am and 5.00pm to confirm that the course is starting.

Privacy Policy

Byron Region Community College collects certain personal information from staff and students to facilitate effective and efficient service provision. We ensure the privacy of individuals in the following ways:

  • Only collects information with the knowledge and consent of individuals
  • Only uses personal information for the purposes for which it was collected
  • Does not re-sell, distribute, or share personal information to a third party without prior consent of the individual
  • Ensures that personal information will not be disclosed to other state institutions or authorities except if required by law or other regulation
  • Ensures that demographic and other statistical information is not linked to any personal information that can disclose the identity of an individual

Complaints And Appeals

Byron College has a client friendly complaints and appeals process outlined in the Student Handbook.

Student Rights

Byron Region Community College recognises that:

  1. All students have a right to learn in an appropriate environment and that all people using the service have a right to be free from any form of harassment and/or discrimination
  2. Students have a right to a prompt refund of course fees in accordance with the refund policy
  3. Students have the right to request additional support for their learning needs if required
  4. Students have the right to expect a competent Tutor/Assessor who is committed to ensuring fair and equitable outcomes for all their students
  5. Students have the right to be given the opportunity to be re-assessed if competency is not achieved in the first attempt for an assessment item (up to maximum of 3 attempts per item)
  6. Students have the right to appeal an assessment outcome made by a tutor
  7. Students have the rights to normal privacy afforded all citizens in personal matters
  8. Students have the right to access their records held by Byron Region Community College

Student Responsibilities

Students are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate and courteous manner and to observe the following when at BRCC:

  1. Comply with all applicable laws and regulations, as well as organisational policies, procedures, rules, guidelines and terms
  2. Maintain an appropriate dress code, keeping in mind the nature of the course they are attending. Dress should reflect the organisation, industry and community standards
  3. Maintain integrity and honesty in all their work and dealings with others, and show respect, impartiality, courtesy and sensitivity
  4. Come to class free from the influence of drugs and alcohol and smoke only in designated areas away from other people
  5. Exercise their best professional and/or academic and ethical judgement whilst carrying out their studies
  6. Maintain a cooperative and collaborative approach to working relationships
  7. Pay all fees and charges associated with the course
  8. Maintain punctuality and provide adequate notice in relation to absences
  9. Not engage in any form of discrimination, harassment, bullying or vilification
  10. Not engage in any form of professional or academic misconduct, such as plagiarism or breach of confidentiality
  11. Maintain the serviceability of facilities and equipment by reporting breakages and/or faults with equipment to your tutor or to College administration, and by leaving classrooms, workshops and common areas neat and tidy