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Sanskrit for Mantra Chanting

Sanskrit for Mantra Chanting

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Are you interested in learning about the sacred power of sound and vibration, known as “nada” in Sanskrit? Whether you are new to Sanskrit or a long-time lover or teacher of kirtan, meditation, chanting or yoga, come and combine the benefits of mantra meditation with ongoing spiritual and vocal practice.

You will be able to read, pronounce and write Sanskrit Mantras in Devanagari (Sanskrit Alphabet). Deva means divine, Nagari means language or place. So, Sanskrit as the “language of the divine” or “place of the divine” provides a pathway to connect our original source of being with a conscious recognition of the divinity within ourselves.

We will cover a theme mantra each week where we explore each syllable carefully, one-by-one. When you have a clear and comprehensive understanding of the mantra, we chant it together to experience and absorb the pure vibration of the message within it. Increasing your knowledge of Sanskrit pronunciation and meaning could create a shift in your mantra mediation practice that can be compared to the difference between touching man-made glass and the vibrational feeling of connecting with pure natural crystals in their original state.

What to bring:

  • Pens
  • Notebook
  • Cushion

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