How Music Works - Music Theory You Can Use Byron Community College

How Music Works - Music Theory You Can Use

How Music Works - Music Theory You Can Use

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Music theory is like gravity – it applies whether you understand it or not.

Have you ever wondered:
• How come some people can just join in and ‘jam’ on a song they don’t even know?
• How do I know which chords to use?
• What are chords anyway? How do they work and how are they built?
• How do chords relate to scales, and vice versa?
• How/why so many songs sound similar? (Hint: common chord progressions.)
• What do all those numbers and symbols mean in some chord names, and how do I play them?
• What does it mean when we say a song is in a particular key?
• What is harmony, and how do I do it?
• Rhythm? Huh?

In this course we will have fun exploring music theory you can actually USE, whatever your instrument. We will not be learning how to read music, and you won’t need to be able to read music for this course. My goal is to unlock some of the mysteries of music theory, so you can use this knowledge to broaden and enrich your playing, your singing, your songwriting, your band, your choir, your ukulele group…..

I will be using guitar and keyboard in class to illustrate the ideas presented, but feel free to bring along your instrument (well, - maybe not a drum-kit!). Additional materials $10

What to bring

  • Pen and paper
  • Musical instrument of choice (optional)
  • $10 to pay tutor for materials

Feedback from Past Students

“Perfect. Just what I missed in my knowledge. Very Clear.” Christina De Wit

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Course testimonials:

  • This was an excellent overview of key music theory concepts and their relationship to each other. Karl is an enthusiastic and passionate educator who delivered some complex concepts in an easy to understand manner. The learning material was very well structured and scaffolded so that new concepts clearly built on prior concepts.
  • I appreciated Karl’s passion for the topic and his relentless patience with us students, plus his dedication to simplify complex theory so it’s understandable.
  • It was what I was looking for as well as being delivered by an enthusiastic and patient teacher I didn’t think music theory could be fun but Karl managed to do that so well done