Transport Byron Community College


Local Solutions!

We are committed to encouraging ‘green transport’. This means walking, biking, public transporting or lift sharing and where possible we would like to make it easier for you.

Many courses are held in venues that link with the local buses, and we encourage you to check out the links below.

  • The Northern Rivers Carpool is a free, online service for anyone who wants to save money, meet new people and reduce their carbon footprint while travelling to work or study. The NR Carpool is so easy to use. It takes two minutes to join the network and then NR Carpool will search its database and match you with other people travelling in the same direction. Join today and travel smart, because it’s how you get there that counts.
  • At the beginning of each course, tutors will make time available to discuss lift sharing possibilities. This is a great way to link up with people who might want to share travel
  • Catch a Bus. Both Blanch’s Bus Company and Brunswick Valley Coaches run services around our venue locations. Check it out and let them do all the driving